Former Soldier and Athlete, Professional Mercenary Bodyguard


Raxeus, levle 10
Minotaur, Fighter
Build: Battlerager Vigor

Str 19, Con 18, Dex 14, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 10.

Starting Ability Scores
Str 17, Con 16, Dex 14, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 10.

AC: 26 Fort: 23 Reflex: 21 Will: 19
HP: 87 Surges: 13 Surge Value: 21

Athletics, Endurance, Intimidate

1: Weapon Proficiency (Execution axe)
2: Improved Vigor
4: Shield Defense
6. Shield Push
8. Blade Opportunist
10. Armor Proficiency (Plate)


1 AW Brash Strike
1 AW Tide of Iron
1 E Passing Attack
1 D Villain's Menace
2 U Defensive Stance
3 E Probing Attack
5 D Hounding Longarm
6 U Mighty Sprint
7 E Come and Get It
9 D Thicket of Blades
10 U Stalwart Guard


 Large Bloodclaw Execution axe +2, Controlling Glaive +, Invulnerable Coat of Arnd, Boots of Adept Charging, Amulet of Physical Resolve, Cincture of the Dragon Spirit, Battle Standard of Might 
*Of note, there has been some houseruling with this character. Raxeus is played with the Minotaur racial powers taken from the Monster Manual, not the more recent Dragon Magazine. The reason for this was I prefereded the ability to hold weapons as if I were a large creature to allow both a large execution axe (I know, brutal 2 on 2d6 is nasty, but honestly not where most of the damage comes from) as well as holding a regular glaive and shield together. So far, this has not proved to be broken, but we are still playtesting it at this time. Of note, due to using the MM stats, I have given up the Heedless Charge power, and as yet have not taken any of the racial power feats provided in the dragon magazine supplement. 

            Raxeus thundered across the open field towards the waiting humans, his cloven feet gouging deep furrows in the soft turf. He snorted casually to himself as the larger, armored men gathered around their captain barking orders above the din. It amused Raxeus that his enemy thought they could protect their leader from the minotaur’s charge. Rookies always underestimated him, and rarely had a chance to learn from their mistakes.

Gekar cursed to himself as he saw the bull creature barreling down on their position. Hurriedly ordering his defenders into position, he hoped they could hold of the beast’s charge long enough. He only needed a few more moments; just a small opening and they could end this right now. Where the hell was Olduk anyway?

Picking up speed over the last few meters, Raxeus lowered his horns and barreled into the awaiting line, scattering men around him as he drove towards the target. Startled and dismayed at the complete destruction of his defensive line, the captain appeared to momentarily steel himself against the beast before quickly turning and fleeing its fury. Typical, Raxeus thought, though he didn’t blame the man; at over two meters tall and close to a fifth of a ton, the minotaur was doubtless an imposing figure in any situation. Breaking stride to avoid a fallen lineman, Raxeus continued after his target. However, the captain was already several meters away and the collision had sapped much of Raxeus’s momentum; it appeared that the puny man might make good his escape.

Curse the gods; this wasn’t what I signed up for, thought Gekar as he desperately ran towards his own line. Nobody had said anything about the minotaurs or the orcs, though he didn’t know which was worse. Those orcs smelled so badly, but at least they didn’t have giant horns sticking out of their heads. Daring a glance behind him, Gekar was relieved to see he was gaining ground on the bull-thing behind him. Only a few more meters, just beyond those wounded men, and he’d be home free. Just one more look to make sure he was still ahead.

Looking around for aid and finding none, Raxeus knew he couldn’t catch up to the man in time to prevent his escape. He’d have to get this cumbersome armor altered after this was all over. The fact that this speck of a creature was outpacing him angered him and he bellowed his frustration. Just then, or perhaps due to his roar, the man glanced at Raxeus, a devilishly confident smirk plastered across the captain’s pitifully flat face. Unfortunately for the man, his momentary inattention cost him dearly as he tripped over a downed comrade and sailed through the air before forcefully face-planting just meters short of safety.

Raxeus swiftly closed the distance to the downed man and, placing a foot on the man’s back, stood triumphantly on the field. Pressing the man deeper into the mud, Raxeus reached down and picked the ball out of the man’s hand. Turning towards his team’s goal line, he broke into a run, easily stiff-arming another pitiful human attempting to block his progress. As he crossed the goal-line, Raxeus let out a tremendous bellow to the thunderous applause of the crowd. “This is too easy” he muttered.

Powers List


Brash Strike- Raxeus heaves his body into his strike as he brings the full weight of the execution axe down upon his foe, making his strike more reliable and more dangerous. Unfortunately, the mighty cleave leaves him ill prepared to defend against a counter attack.

Tide of Iron- Raxeus learned this technique while fighting with the Nerathi auxiliary forces in the mountains northeast of Bael Turath. Forming a dense shield wall with other minotaurs and bugbears, the line would inexorably advance upon the enemy striking at them with protruding glaive and spear.


Passing Attack- Though used as a line-breaker during the wars, Raxeus perfected this attack during his time on the Blood Bowl circuit. He excelled at rushing through the defensive line to flatten the thrower; racking up a season record breaking 25 sacks.

Probing Attack- Between battlefield and sport training Raxeus has developed an uncanny ability to judge an opponent’s strengths and weaknesses by observing their attacks. It seems the best strategy against him is to be on his good side.

Come and Get It- In the midst of the battle-din the minotaur’s mighty bellowing and cursing drew the attention of the surrounding goblinoids. Seeing his weaknesses and drawn by his taunts, Raxeus’s enemies charged at him from all sides to strike his unprotected flanks. The last thing any of them saw was the edge of the minotaur’s axe as it separated their shoulders from their unsuspecting heads. 


Villain’s Menace- Raxeus had one job to do on the field, break through the line and bring down the thrower. It didn’t matter how many times it had to be done, once the minotaur locked onto his target, he was going to bring it down one way or another.

Hounding Longarm- Though the Nerathi auxiliary rarely were forced to utilize it, all military formations need a controlled fighting with-drawl maneuver, and this was theirs’. Making space with their shields, the line would hold the enemy at bay with their glaives while stepping back as one. When combined with Tide of Iron, the line could quickly counter-attack, sending their opponents reeling. Repeating this process again and again, the auxiliary could easily keep a superior enemy force at bay for hours.

Thicket of Blades- Not his most precise attack but perhaps one of the more effective, this attack has been used on both the battle and playing field. Lashing out with hooves, horns, fists or weapons, Raxeus strikes at the shins, throats and backs of those surrounding him, forcing them to waste valuable time guarding themselves against his attacks.


Mighty Sprint- The Blood Bowl field is often strewn with a gauntlet of broken bodies and ruined equipment. Raxeus has trained to quickly surprise the thrower by vaulting fallen players and attack the opponent from distances assumed to be safe.

Defensive Stance- Sometimes slow and steady wins the race. Raxeus hunkers down and slowly advances, providing time to foresee incoming attacks and avoid them.

Stalwart Guard- When used to protect allies, Raxeus places his great bulk and shield between incoming attacks and their target. When utilized en masse by an entire Nerathi auxiliary line, each soldier links his shield with those to either side, creating a near impenetrable wall of steel.  


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